These are the results of a SEO strategy for traffic growth and high positioning on search engines seach results of a tour operator website specialized in birdwatching activities. Take a look at some of my other Digital Marketing projects and campaigns.


This is a consultancy project that evolved a big deal of a practice component (structural changes and content development) for a Madeira Island (Portugal) Birdwatching Tour Operator website Search Engine Optimization. This company targeted segment is rather small (Tourists visiting Madeira Island willing to engage in Birdwatching tours) and therefore the expectations for the results were limited. To add up to the small market issue, the business faces a single competitor that owns the digital monopoly of this activities in the island for the past years. This is shown clearly on the benchmarking results bellow. Nevertheless, the results are satisfactory and is safe to assume that having in mind the operation time/optimization achieved there is a high opportunity to become a big digital competitor on a near future. The main efforts on a SEO were divided by a initial onsite optimization, the use of offsite methods by consolidating them with the business processes and the implementation of a link building strategy approach - work in continuous progress.

Metrics and Results

[Sep 1, 2013 - Nov 30, 2013] / [Jun 2, 2013 - Aug 31, 2013]


The growth of visitors on the website was verified by the end of September achieving a constant income of 150 weekly visitors by the end of October.

A lot of factors result on this growth which makes this metric not so relevant against other Google Analytics values. Nevertheless is fair to conclude the traffic tendency is to growth along with the new built authority of the website.


The constant growth of the weekly time on site is verified by the end of October achieving an average of 11m30s.

The main cause for this metric growth was the user centered optimization approach. New valuable/relevant content focused in the buyer persona was created. The increased time on the website is a result of the new content success on keeping the visitors interested for longer periods.


The decline of Bounces from a constant rate of 50%/60% is verified on the beginning of October for a constant rate below 40%.

This rate is a very important but underestimated metric. This value measures how efficient the website is generating interest for visitors by showing the % of them that arrive and leave without clicking nowhere else. The rate went down therefore the new content is more relevant.



Below are some of the results achieved by optimizing the content after a keywords research including the competition. The website impressions on Google suffered a great growth from bellow 100 to a constant 250 with peaks impressions.

Benchmarking Impressions



Below are the before and after results of the benchmarking study performed. Whilst the company values are growing positive compared to the beginning of the SEO strategy, the competition is lowering their values which brings optimistic results for the future of the digital presence of this business.

Benchmarking SEO

* The data presented on the graphics above was extracted from the Google Analytics and Google Web Master acounts of the company.