a solid web presence


These are the efforts and results of a strategy to create a business solid presence on the web. Take a look at some of my other Digital Marketing projects and campaigns.


In November 2013, I was recruited to work on the Marketing Department of a Madeira Island (Portugal) Travel Agency and one of the goals was to create a solid web presence and brand loyalty. No digital marketing campaign is maximized by leaving out the various stages of the brand-user relationship. I'm an advocate of inbound marketing which main focus is centered on the users and the creation of valuable, educative and engaging content for them in order to attract and convert them into costumers. Bellow are some of the outcomes of the strategy used to fullfill my goals.

Approach and main influence methods


Email Marketing

A opt-in (users send their contacts on free will in exchange of value from the brand e.g. newsletter formularies) user database was created and segmented accordingly to what users needs. The access to user contacts makes the relationship with the brand possible in both directions and therefore these new leads were nurtured by sending them relevant information on a mailing list. The database with users that opted to receive the mailing list generated a significant number of website visitors from the email channel. This is one of the most powerful tools of digital marketing.


Social Media Marketing

The main goals for a social presence was creating brand loyalty and building a relationship with their followers in order to listen to their needs and deliver the agency products/services accordingly. This was made by creating valuable and engaging content that was constantly shared resulting on a substantial number of website visitors sometimes leading to sales convections. The two networks were the efforts were concentrated wereFacebook for all sorts of viral, engaging, fun and interesting content and Pinterest for image sharing and viral content.


Search Engine Optimization

A SEO strategy was built In order to rank high on search engines results and likewise be "available" at a very important stage of the buying cycle (Consideration/Purchase when leads are searching with a high level of buyer intent). Onsite methods were applied to the business website and offsite strategies were created for all the company digital processes. Simultaneously, relevant entities were contacted for a solid link building strategy. The optimization evolved all digital channels (email, social media, etc.) to be in line with the same goal of driving traffic to the website.



Below you can see some of the results extracted the agency Google Analytics results. The page was created from scratch and had a solid growth over the year with accentuated peaks on the locals vacation periods. The website highest affluence of visitors was on July 2013 hitting a peak of 14000 visitors on that month just before I left the company and my contribution was ceased.

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