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I'm a computer engineer working in Digital Marketing with over a decade specializing in SEO. I provide in-depth research and data-driven strategy that helps businesses in their organic growth journey.


Where do I do what I do?

  • Global SEO Lead August 2017 - June 2020 Sony PlayStation

    Job description

    Roadmap, Strategy and global guidelines. Research, auditing, testing, implementation, tracking and data-led analysis.
    Cross-functional Team Integration: Content, Paid, Design/UX, Dev, Local stakeholders.
    Tools Ownership: SEO Enterprise, Trackers/Crawlers, Adobe Suite and Google tools/API.
    Vendors/Partners liaising and relationship: Acquisition, Contracts, Support, and Comms.
    Scaled Agile Framework: SEO stakeholder and JIRA tickets owner. Prioritization & Pl planing.

    Sample Achievements:
    • Increased SEO Performance (organic traffic/visits) by 47,5% YOY.
    • 223% YOY uplift in SEO Visibility in Google SERP's 1st page (12K new keywords).
    • €115K saved cost in support centres now converting via organic/Google.

  • LP September 2017 - ongoing Lonely Planet

    Job description

    • SEO Roadmap, strategy & prioritization
    • Management, consultancy & organic channel support
    •Consultancy, tracking & implementation support

    Sample Achievements:
    • Compliance and Integration in Google News
    • In-depth travel search patterns research and site-wide metadata automation
    • AMP pages and Structured Data implementation
    • CMS Platform Migration
    • Content syndication as a business model

  • HS January 2020 - ongoing OMD EMEA

    Job description

    • SEO Strategy & roadmap
    • Technical Implementation support & vendor communication
    • Content strategy & execution

  • SEO Associate Director March 2017 - September 2017 OMD EMEA

    Job description

    New business. Managing multiple client accounts and delivering SEO Strategy. Support, training and develpment of a team of 4 direct reports.

  • SEO Account Manager July 2016 - February 2017 OMD EMEA

    Job description

    Account Management, SEO Strategy & Execution across multiple Global Brands from competitive organic industries: Travel (Lonely Planet), Automotive (Bentley Motors), Pharma (Boehringer Ingelheim), Finance (GE Capital Direct), Consumer Goods / Pharma (GSK).

  • Senior SEO Executive November 2015 - Ongoing Resolution Media (OMD International)

    Job description

    Working across blue-chip international brands from some of the most competitive online industries, namely: Gaming (Sony Playstation), Travel (Lonely Planet), Automotive (Bentley Motors), Pharma (Boehringer Ingelheim), Finance (GE Capital Direct). Consultancy with Client marketing teams and Point of contact for all things SEO-technical; Bridge between SEO and Development teams. Tailored SEO Strategy, Planning, Execution, Management and Reporting. Complex SEO problem solving and consultancy: Risk Mitigation Assessments, Migration processes and Post Health-Checks, Localisation and International targeting. Research and revamp traditional SEO processes and tasks for time efficiency and optimised team development: Keyword research, Content/Tech audits and insight-focused tailored Reporting. Personalised research and technical hands-on documentation for non-generic issues employing up to date industry practices and supported by extensive knowledge of established SEO tools and plugins. Junior SEO team members support and knowledge development.

  • Senior SEO Executive January 2015 - October 2015 Global Univeristy Systems

    Job description

    Multi brand SEO management such as London School of Business and Science, University of Law, The Language Gallery, University Canada West. SEO and Content Marketing strategy and planning. SEO Auditing (In-depth technical, on and off-page analysis/recommendations/execution). Local SEO best practices Implementation. Deep level Keyword research, reporting and continuous optimisation. Code level optimisation and implementation. Traffic and conversions monitoring and reporting. Competition content and link profile analysis. Outreach and Link Building strategies and execution. CMS Content Management for multiple brands: Web development and design (HTML/CSS savvy). UX analysis and CRO strategies. Negative Brand Reputation: SEO strategies, outreach and management. Liaison between IT, SEO, Copywriting and PR teams. SEO Migration best practices and implementations. Support in any ad hoc projects for the overall areas of digital marketing.

  • Freelance Web Design and Development July 2014 - November 2014 Gandhi International

    Job description

    Pro bono redesign and development of French non-profitable association website that promotes non-violence based on Gandhi's philosophy.

    Website |
  • Freelance Web Marketing July 2014 - September 2014 Santa Maria Funchal

    Job description

    Search engine optimization on site and offsite, link building strategies and social media strategies (facebook and pinterest) for a hostel, restaurant and bar company website. Optimization for costumer gathering and Reservations.

    Website |
  • Web Design, Developer & Marketer November 2010 - November 2013 Top Atlântico Madeira, Viagens e Turismo Lda - ES Viagens

    Job description

    TAM is an outgoing traveling agency on which I had my first opportunity to take over a marketing department and improve my job experience in e-marketing. Creation, design and web development. Static and dynamic content management and data base maintenance. Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics metrics analysis. Digital newsletter design. E-mail marketing campaigns and metrics. Development, management and marketing on social networks (Facebook, Twitter). SMS campaigns. Static promotional elements and graphical design for magazines and newspapers.

    Website | | Phone
  • Freelance Web Marketing August 2013 - November 2013 Birds & Company

    Job description

    Keyword research, benchmarking analysis, search engine optimization on site and offsite, link building strategies and content creation for a tourism activities company website. Pinterest strategy and TripAdvisor techniques for costumer gathering.

    Website |
  • Freelance Web Dev, Design and Marketing August 2012 - October 2013 Mero Diving

    Job description

    Creation, design and Development of a diving Center School website on a first phase and Search Engine Optimizations on site for the second phase.

    Website |
  • Freelance Web Developer and Optimizer July 2010 - December 2011 Madeira social security

    Job description

    Website development and optimization for domestic violence requested by Madeira island social security services using Joomla CMS.

    Madeira social security
  • Research Internship July 2010 - October 2011 Madeira Tecnopolo - Madeira scientific centre

    Job description

    Research, design and development of a mobile application focusing on location based services and navigation for the Android system.
    fase 2: Literature review and research on location based services.


Where did I learn it?

  • CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing Starting September 2014 Oxford Marketing College

    Course description

    This course content was designed following consultation with employers to ensure that employees or delegates gain relevant competencies:
    - Gain the marketing skills you need at an operational level to maximise on opportunities for your company.
    - Achieve an internationally recognised qualification and become an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM).
    - Understand how to write, implement and evaluate an effective marketing plan to meet your targets.

  • Masters Computer Science December 2014 Madeira University

    Course description

    Extensive, technical and detailed education on computer science covering a broad variety of information technology subjects such as the human computer interaction areas lectured from Carnegie Mellon University Human Computer Interaction masters such as Design 3D, Multimedia systems, Embodiment Interaction, Human Factors, Network applications. Master Dissertation on Need Fullfillment and Social Practices on social media (Facebook and WhatsApp).

  • Human-Computer Interaction Junho 2013 Stanford University Online through Coursera Inc.

    Course description

    This course analyzed techniques of design such as rapid prototyping and evaluating interface alternatives, and how these practices inform the design of technology. Specific topics included mockups, field testing, principles of perception and evaluating designs with people. From this course I received a Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction.

  • Google Adwords September 2012 L2G - Learn to Grow

    Course description

    Introductory training course on Internet advertising and promotion (SEM and SEA) covering topics such as Google SEA Tool characteristics and concepts, addwords editor tool, addwords management offline, creation and configuration of addwords account, CPC Adwords campaign, goals definition and landing page analysis, keyword tools and analysis, add development rules, results management and optimization.

  • Facebook for business September 2012 L2G - Learn to Grow

    Course description

    Facebook for business strategies covering topics such as: Profiles and groups characteristics and functions, page management (personalization and configuration), fan engagement, page optimization, facebook stats, analysis and data exportation, sponsored advertisement, target segmentation, social networks integration and marketing strategies.

  • Email Marketing March 2012 Inesting - Tecnological Marketing

    Course description

    Email Marketing course regarding topics such as Opt-in marketing, Data bases construction, legal issues in Portugal, Push and pull emails, alerts, follow-ups and rich media. Comprehensive study of Email campaigns and the nature of the email channel with costumer relationship management. Tools and software for email marketing analysis and monitoring.

  • Google Analytics March 2012 FLAG training centre

    Course description

    A training course on functionality, navigation and metrics of Google Analytics. Hands on study of Google Analytics reports ( traffic sources, content, visits, benchmarking). Google analytics Goals and ecommerce tracking. Measurements and strategies resulting from Google Analytics statistics.

  • Social Media Marketing March 2012 Inesting - Technological Marketing

    Course description

    A comprehensive view on the WEB 2.0. covering topics such as social network typologies (horizontal and vertical networks, blogging, bookmarks, multimedia, wikis, virtual worlds) and others. Rules and definitions for Social Media Optimization. SMO Strategies(Analysis, objectives, social media mix, actions, maintenance and the ACCESS model). Web 2.0 Resources and trends.

    Inesting - Technological Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing March 2011 DTIM - Madeira association for IT development

    Course description

    A basic training course on how to create and develop business pages on Facebook and marketing strategies in social networks.

  • Marketing and Innovation October 2010 ACIF

    Course description

    Commercial and industrial association in Funchal, Madeira Island on an approach towards a new marketing paradigm for traditional street stores.

  • Bachelor Computer Science October 2003 - December 2008 Madeira University

    Course description

    High education and training on Madeira Island University in different computer science areas and software engineering. Lectures in object oriented programming,computer architecture, human computer interaction, data base systems, multimedia, networks and others.

    Madeira University
  • Web Development October 2004 - June 2005 Archimedes

    Course description

    An extensive course in Web development offered by a production and training center reaching different programming languages and design software such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, PHP, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash.



  • Exchange BSC student Lecture year 2007/2008 Bsc scholar year as an exchange student learning and training in different computer science areas and software engineering courses on foreign country at Maribor University

  • English Course Lecture years 1995-2000 A course at Academia de Línguas da Madeira offered by one of the main language schools in Madeira Island on which I was introduced to the English language through a series of basic and intermediate levels of the language and grammar construction

Curriculum Vitae


  • Karapanos, E., Teixeira, P., & Gouveia, R. (2016). Need fulfillment and experiences on social media: A case on Facebook and WhatsApp. Computers in Human Behavior, 55, 888–897 [PDF]


Self-taught & learnt achievements
Tutored-courses certificates available on request

Skills Cloud

Language Skills

  • Portuguese

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French


  • HSM Inspiring ideasHSM
    November 2012

    Marketing 3.0

Software & Tools

  • HTML   Php   SQL   CSV   XML   Javacript   Sendblaster   CSS   Google Analytics   Woopra   Joomla   Wordpress   Weebly   Java   Android   Photoshop   Illustrator   3DS Max   Illustrator   MS Office  


    A unified strategy and methods that help establishing a solid web presence and generate profit by making yourself easy to GET FOUND (get found) by earning the attention of visitors trough the creation, optimization and promotion of compelling content. CONVERTING (convert) the traffic into leads offering valuable content the users want to consume in exchange for their info and finally ANALYZING (analyze) and optimize your strategy accordingly and let happy costumers be the main advocates of your brand.


    This kind of Marketing was founded on the basis that traditional marketing and advertising have become less effective and expensive. Business "earn their way in" (in contrast to outbound marketing where they "buy, beg, or bug their way in") by creating valuable content which is available for the very first moment of the buying cycle: the search for your product/service. By having a well defined, optimized and monitored digital strategy you can be closer to the costumer, create a relationship by understanding their needs and offer what they search at the correct time.


  • get found Web Design & Development

    Website design/structure creation according to your business goals prepared and optimized for the demanding web requirements using up to date approaches which will allow a seamlessly navigation and "feel" whether a costumer is reaching you trough a desktop, tablet or mobile device. (responsive design)

  • get foundSEO & Link Building

    Identification and benchmarking of your business direct contestants to understand how you should position yourself on the web. Identification of keywords that will generate traffic for your website or optimization of the work already implemented in order to maximize the brand status. Aim for high rankings in search engines such as Google to generate more enquiries and/or purchases.

  • get foundSocial Marketing & Management

    Definition of your business social media approach, understanding who are and which social networks your costumers use. Define a strategy of communication and content creation in order to increase the engagement on your facebook page and nurture a solid relationship between the costumer and the brand you represent.

  • convertEmail Marketing & Campaigns

    Creation of an email marketing strategy using front-end skills to design functional and engaging newsletters with valuable content for your costumers and call-to-actions in order to drive them to your website. Measure campaign results and optimize them accordingly in order to grow a solid costumer data base and a regular communication.

  • analizeWeb Analytics & Strategy

    Measurement and analysis of your business online results which will help to understand the implementations that are not working as effectively as they could and which you should continue investing in order to drive business growth.

What can I do for you?

  • As a web designer/developer I work online to create services that spread. A search on the web will show you amazing artworks made by talented designers and a deeper search will deliver even better ones. Prettiness or sheer utility isn't the goal anymore, therefore my work is continuous and based on relentless cycles of tests, measurements in order to improve and determine what works replacing "because I said so" with a proven "because it works." Instead of just making things pretty I use my learnt visual and aesthetic skills to create series of interactions that actually generate better outcomes and together we'll try to figure out how to lead the process that helps your company grow.

    As a web developer/marketer specialized in Inbound Marketing I have a track record in successfully helping developing and marketing clients websites. With a Computer Science background combined with Digital Marketing training and experience over the past 2 years I have helped business to promote their brand and generate successful campaigns. If you need a successful web presence I will plan and implement a range of online marketing strategies to help drive more traffic to your website and if you want total control of your eMarketing I will conduct 1on1 training and consultancy. So whether you need to improve your Facebook webpage or push your website higher up in the search engines get in touch with me and let me show you how I can help market your website.

    • To request more information about how I can help develop/design or promote your website and/or web presence (i.e. social networks) simply fill in the contact form below or alternatively send me an email on

Get in touch

Who is this guy anyway?

  • "Don't try to fit in when you where born to stand out"

    I'll keep it simple.. I'm a Portuguese (from Madeira Island) web marketer with design and front-end developer skills backed up by a software engineer background. When not glued to any tech thingy I love the beach (specially late afternoon summer days), the outdoors, friends quality time and good conversations... my biggest passion is traveling, food and I have an attraction that draws me to the sea and everything related to it. I'm skeptical but open-minded and if I were to describe myself in a word (like that's possible) I guess curious would be it. I'm into transparency (you should guess by this info I'm vomiting here) and try to have an easy going life enjoying in my own ways - "you can sleep when u'r dead". Drop a line and maaaaybe we can exchange some thoughts. Career wise.. I've been always interested in creative and visual stimulating areas so the design and beauty of everything is something that I'm fond with and actually care about. I try to combine that with some technical skills making them valuable assets towards my digital marketing strategies. So.. basically after all this blah... What the heck do I do? I usually sum it all up on this sentence: how to stand out on the overwhelming information jungle which is... the web!

Where has this guy been?

  • Since I remember remembering... traveling has been my very big passion and knowing new places my only personal collection. I'm very curious about different destinations, experiences, culture, people and their costumes (in fact.. anything different) and I would love (as many other) to travel trough the most of the world (I'm a man on a mission!).
    I've visited some countries but not nearly enough as I wish... so... growing this collection is a lifetime WORK IN PROGRESS. Check some of the places I've been:

    Pedro Teixeira’s Travel Map

What is he up to.. now!?

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Personality forecast

  • Awesomeness

  • Mercurial

  • Curiosity

  • Stubbornness

  • Ambition

  • Resignation