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Case study: Jewelry Shop Christmas Campaign

This is the description and results of a Facebook Advertising campaign built for audience growth, facebook engagement and eventualy some Christmas sales on a Portuguese Jewelry Shop Facebook page. Take a look at some of my other Digital Marketing projects and campaigns.

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This campaign was created for the Joalharia São Pedro Facebook Page. Despite the efforts, few or none activity had been happening for a while (see insights below). The campaign was planned for a season of sales opportunities (Xmas '03) and ran from 5th to 25th of December consisting on both engaging and product oriented content plus copywriting. The store sticks to values such as casual but "chic" and the ideal buyer persona are relaxed women with a certain vintage glamour hence the targeted segment set on Facebook was women +25y from Funchal.

"Diamonds are the girls best friends"

To achieve the perceived values some images and copy were created expressing emotions such as humor, life thoughts and women enpowering images. The campaign ROI was positive generating 3 direct sales in the first couple of days justifying the investiment and summing 130 new fans.



Bellow are some of the examples of specially designed promotions that went along with specfic copywriting.

  • The first 4 Ads examples were created with the store products and the copy was focused on the emotional aspects of jewelery as a gift such as "This Christmas.. suprise someone with a gift that last forever". The design of the Ads is simple, clear and product-focused which is the image the store stands by and the perceived added value of jewelry.
  • The last 4 Ads examples were created with viral and well-known media focusing on funny and thoughtfull aspects of jewelery as a gift such as "jewelery keeps the others eyes from your wrinkles". The design of the Ads is fun and modern focusing on well-known personalities, internet memes and quotes likelly to have engagement by the targeted audience.




Below you can see some of the results from Facebook Insights page. These are some of the indicators of the campaign success when the campaign is set for Facebook Audience Growth and Engagement. Besides those long term goals, this campaign had more complexity with the added goal of generating sales, hence the ROI can't be measured only with facebook metrics because the "lead to costumer" conversion happens outside the online environment.

jewelry facebook page advertising campaing likes graphic


The number of times the Page was liked/unliked broken down by paid/organic. The page gained 130 new Likes on the campaign period.

jewelry facebook page advertising campaing reach graphic


The number of people who saw any activity from the Page including posts, posts by other people, Page like adverts, mentions and check-ins. The page reached 34245 users on the campaign period.

jewelry facebook page advertising campaing engagement graphic


The number of actions on the the Page incluiding likes, Comments and Shares. The page achieved 2397 new actions on the campaign period.

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